Discovering What It Is

“I have been a woman for fifty years, and I’ve never yet been able to discover precisely what it is I am.” 

Dramatist Jean Girardoux (1892-1944) wrote this line for Hecuba, the middle-aged wise woman, in his 1935 play, A Tiger at the Gates.

How many of us know precisely what it is we are?

How many of us worry about it on a daily basis and feel that if we haven’t figured it out by the half-century mark, it will serve as a giant reminder that our work up to that point has been meaningless?

That would be me (raising hand sheepishly).

Yet, that’s what is so exciting about this Finding Fifty Project. Even though I may never discover a precise definition of what it is, I am slowly beginning to realize one thing.

The unpredictable, imprecise, mysterious direction this project is headed is kind of exciting!

mystery machine

If you’d like to join me and share your story, please comment here or send an email to



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