Geoff’s Story

What is finding fifty?   I’m not sure I was looking for it.  More like fifty is finding me.  I’d say I’m older, bolder and wise but I just finished playing beer olympics with a bunch of young bucks.  Don’t ask.  I didn’t do well.  Been a long time since I played beer pong and flip cup but it was a blast.

I suppose folks talk about the past of things gone right or wrong but I am not one of them.  You cannot change the past.  It happened, so move on.  Only thing you can do is change the future.  There are some things in the future I cannot change.

Cannot run anymore.   That pretty much stopped when I was 25.  Right leg would get tendonitis when I ran and then I would walk like an old man for the next 3 weeks while it would heal.

Don’t snow ski anymore.   Knees cannot handle it.   Days of my youth included biking about 90 miles a week, running 4 miles a day,  snow skiing in winter.  It took its toll on me.

Too afraid to play golf anymore.   I was taking my 90 lb dog to the vet for a blown ACL and I lifted him in the SUV, with my knees, and I heard loud pop.  Nope that wasn’t a muscle it was a disc in my lower back that ruptured.   18 months of pure pain.  I wouldn’t wish it on my greatest enemy.  Not going to risk doing that again.

So there is the things I cannot change in the future.   I have never worried about work.  If the job doesn’t work out or it is affecting me mentally or physically, I leave and get a new job.   I have had many jobs from consulting to numerous startups to big companies.   I have worked with some of the best in the industry that only make me strive to be better.

So do I worry?   How can you have kids and not worry?   It’s normal.  If you’re not worried the I suggest you might want to visit a psychologist.   But for the most part I don’t worry too much.  Everyone can live the lives they want to live and I’m not going to force them to be like me.   They are their own persons.

Best advice for finding fifty?   Ask Curly from City Slickers

Pretty much the question you should ask now is what are you going to do the next 50 years?


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