Temporary Delay in Flight

I’ve been away from here for a bit – not because I don’t enjoy writing about how my life is going but because my life is going. Pretty fast these days. Never mind that it’s not quite in the direction I had figured – received yet another “we think you’re incredible but have decided on someone else” letter today. I was sure they’d at least call me back for a second interview. 

It’s little “blips” like these on the radar of your life that cause unexpected landings – grounded until your wing is repaired. Today, for some reason, I feel as if my wing and my propeller have been ripped away. Apparently, the turbulence was too much. 

So, while I’m grounded for now, that urge to find another book to read once again reared its head. Menopause prohibits me from remembering exactly what search terms I used on our university’s library site, but the result was this book by Barbara Bradley Hagerty, called Life Reimagined. 

I struck gold with this one, people. Any book that will hold my attention at night on the front porch while mosquitos are bleeding me dry is a good read.

She says that midlife years “are the least understood and, in some ways, the most critical phase of life. Midlife is not flyover territory. Midlife is O’Hare, midlife is Heathrow, midlife is a bustling hub where the decisions you make today largely determine the rest of your journey on this planet.” (Life Reimagined, p. 5)

I think I’ll look at this little delay in flight as an opportunity to reimagine my life as I’d like it to be from here forward. Plan a different and hopefully more exciting path. 

So that when I am cleared for takeoff again, it’s gonna be one helluva flight.


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