The Brewing

img_2125Well, two weeks and three days ago (I think the math is correct), I “found” fifty. It was an unremarkable experience, quite honestly. The clock ticked 3:57pm on Saturday, December 10, and the earth didn’t shake. I was somewhere, immersed in an intense session of antiquing and consignment shopping with my best friend. Blew right by without notice.

Over a year ago, I told you all that the blog would end on that eventful day. Truth is, I’m not quite sure I’ve found fifty. I think it’s finding me. Ever so gradually. And that’s a good thing.

So, as I sit in another eclectic coffee joint, typing this note on an iPhone (apologies for any typos – can’t see a damn thing these days), I believe I’ll continue to brew up some more thoughts and share as time allows.

“Brew up” — get it? Good to see my sharp sense of humor didn’t leave along with my forties. Yuk-yuk.



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