Listen to the Trees

This morning, while walking the dog down our dead-end road, I found myself outwardly verbalizing the long list of “I gotta do this and that” for the day. Pretty soon, I felt my chest beginning to tighten and my head jumping into its usual “spin cycle” of overactivity. Anxiety had joined me for the walk. Again. 

And then, the trees spoke to me. They said, “Hey, you ain’t gotta’ do anything.” 

I swear to you, I heard them. 

So I stopped, took a deep, long breath, and did absolutely that. Nothing. 

I think even my dog was proud of me. 

See, there are some of us who spend way too much time in the “gotta’ do” or “should do” realm that we lose ourselves… and the moment as well. I am one of those who constantly struggles with this. Hopefully, by sharing this observation, I hope I will be able to change this pattern.

Go out in the early morning, when the sun is just about to rise. Take your dog along, or simply go alone. Get real quiet. 

And let the trees tell you what you need to hear. 


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