Mother’s Day #39

This marks the #39th Mother’s Day I’ve had to celebrate without Momma here.

To all of you who may be having a difficult time with Mother’s Day, do something special to take care of YOU. If you’re like me – never had kids of your own or are a stepmom – STILL take special care of yourself.

I’ll bet your mom would want that. I know she would

Me? I have mixed feelings on this day, partly because of all the posts and pictures of women with their moms.

I suppose sitting here writing is my way of feeling close to Momma, without having the photo on this special day.

So, today, as with every other day, I say, “Thanks, Momma, for teaching me the important lessons in my young life about what matters. Kindness. Creativity. Expression. Dancing to Soul Train. Helping others learn. Wearing those crazy loud patterns just because they make you feel good. When I do these things, I know you’re always right here beside me.”



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