Written while I Should Be Sleeping

The panic, it comes without warning. 

Like a tornado, uprooting me from the bed

and depositing me down the hall on the floor of the bonus room. 

Once again disoriented. Terrified. Uncertain of what I will find when the light comes. 

So many things to worry about. What’s next for tomorrow? I feel as if all that’s been built has been destroyed. 

I am completely helpless. So I do something I don’t usually do. 

I pray. I call out the name of the “big almighty one”, whoever he or she is. My eyes are filling with tears, and it’s hard to see these words I’m sending out…

“Please make it all be okay. I can’t take this anymore.”

Hoping that someone else will hear them through the storms of my mind. Someone who’s made it to morning. 


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